So this is day 1

My alarm goes off at 5.30AM and I open my eyes, still so tired from the day before. Did I really challenge myself to at least ONE half hour session of yoga a day? And is this early in the morning really appropriate? I get myself out of bed with motivating words of “you can do this, you want to do this” brush my teeth and head over to the living room to unroll my pink yoga mat (I’m not a big fan of pink, but two colors where on sale at Target for $9.99, pink and blue and the first one seemed more fitting for me) I’m currently using yoga zone video’s on and pick the ones that seem to match the mood I am in. Since it’s early in the morning a sunrise type title fits best. After it’s done (not quite half an hour yet) I feel better already. My shoulders and back hurt less like normal and I am ready for the day, energized and refreshed. I take a cold shower to wash away the remaining sleep…just in case.

As I drive to work each morning there is this bend in the road that goes up a little hill and there’s a perfect angle to where you can see the morning sunrise (queue Norah Jones’ Sunrise, sunrise, feels like morning in your eyes…). The glowing ball of sunshine always blinds me, but even with my restricted vision there is something about this place, around this time, that makes me happy. I’ve come to eagerly anticipate this moment whenever I drive to work. The consistency of it all makes me smile every time. I get butterflies in my stomach and I can’t help but think happy thoughts…as bad as I could have it before this time, anytime, when the moment comes for me to drive up this hill and I tightly squint to protect my pupils from the glowing rays of sunshine, right then nothing matters and I am happy.

To carry over my zen yoga lifestyle I opt for a turkey cobb salad for lunch, which is strange for me, because I always have something processed, refined and sodium enriched, topped with 1/2 donuts (that’s 1 OR 2 donuts, not half) 😀

After work I am meeting a friend who I haven’t seen in almost 5 years with Derek and Siena, my usually high strung self is completely calm and nothing is bothering me immensely. When we meet I am genuinely happy and feel completely at ease. I don’t know if it’s the effect of being in such good company or the aftermath of my little yoga session early this morning. Perhaps it’s the result of both.

All I know is, that this might just be the start of my personal revolution.


About yogirookie

I'm a young mother, living the real life, full of double double toil and trouble. I find that the woes of life do nothing for a soul searching for balance and that's where yoga comes in. I am by no means disciplined and intense spirituality makes me uncomfortable, but what might seem like a small step to some, if actually a giant leap for me.
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