You are the most-est important person under the sun!

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, but I have been continuing my practice consistently. There have been a few days where I haven’t done yoga and I definitely notice a big difference. Maybe it’s just a mental thing, but on the days that I skip my yoga work-out I feel all out of sorts. My shoulders are tense, my back hurts and my mood isn’t as chipper. On the days where I do at least a 20 minute session I feel happy, at ease and the world makes more sense.

I just finished watching a yoga documentary called Enlighten Up about a skeptic who takes on yoga for 6 months, trying to make sense of it all. He goes all the way to India and speaks with guru’s and eventually ends up at an ashram. There he talks to a guru and he tells them “Don’t believe, If you want to believe, believe, if you don’t want to believe, don’t believe and you could still be a religious person” Then he goes on to say that all you really ever need to do is be true to your inner self and you are spiritual, because you are the most-est important person under the sun, therefore you should feel the importance of yourself. Any action we partake in is just an action, what ultimately makes the difference is the way we feel when we do that action. The emotions that we attach to it. Happiness comes from within, not from the outside so in order to be spiritual/religious we have to start by letting go of all the unhappiness we carry and letting go, as much as possible of what we are not.

Because you are the most-est important person under the sun.

I am the most-est important person under the sun.

skip to 5.20 and watch the next part.


About yogirookie

I'm a young mother, living the real life, full of double double toil and trouble. I find that the woes of life do nothing for a soul searching for balance and that's where yoga comes in. I am by no means disciplined and intense spirituality makes me uncomfortable, but what might seem like a small step to some, if actually a giant leap for me.
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