Lately I’ve been slacking with my yoga, not because I’ve lost interest, but because we moved and there is hardly any space here and there is always someone awake when I attempt. I feel awkward doing my downward facing dog in front of other people, there is something about sticking your backside in the air that leaves you vulnerable?, perhaps, but I picked up an outdoor activity and every other saturday I go to a local yoga class. Needless to say, the class is more intense than my home-beginner-at-my-own-pace sessions, maybe that somehow counteracts the frequency of my attempts. I’m also vowing to try to be healthier, for at least 30days and see where that takes me.

On that note…

Day 1.

Breakfast: whole wheat toast with peanut butter and strawberries. For a drink I had some citrus punch.

Pretty healthy if you ask me. We’ll see what happens at lunch .


About yogirookie

I'm a young mother, living the real life, full of double double toil and trouble. I find that the woes of life do nothing for a soul searching for balance and that's where yoga comes in. I am by no means disciplined and intense spirituality makes me uncomfortable, but what might seem like a small step to some, if actually a giant leap for me.
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