Picking up where I left off…

I haven’t posted on here for a year, so I will start wherever seems fitting.  September 18th 2010, was the first time I’ve ever rolled out a yoga mat. The first time I shook hands with my ego and the first time I opened myself up to the wonderful practice that is Yoga. It has been 2 years and some odd months now and I have to say I feel as much a beginner now as I did then. In the 2 years I have practiced off and on I have allowed the flood gates to open in Savasana (yes, I now know the Sanskrit word for corpse pose). I have gotten frustrated to the point where loud irritable grunts were the only thing left for me to do while I stumbled trying to look for balance. I have fallen apart, I have picked myself up and I have allowed myself to walk away defeated during a session. But somehow I always found myself back. Somehow the mat never stayed rolled up for long and somehow I have slowly eased into admitting that yoga might be more than a form of exercise. I want to make it part of my life’s work. It is a thought so grand it scares me. I believe that Yoga is an art form never to be truly mastered, but I am desperate to know. Desperate to familiarize myself with it’s inner workings.

So here I am back to this blog, picking up where I left off… 

Join me on my journey?


About yogirookie

I'm a young mother, living the real life, full of double double toil and trouble. I find that the woes of life do nothing for a soul searching for balance and that's where yoga comes in. I am by no means disciplined and intense spirituality makes me uncomfortable, but what might seem like a small step to some, if actually a giant leap for me.
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